April Paris to New York Blog Train

I am participating in this month’s Paris to New York Blog Train again, with a few minor issues and glitches along the way.

I have recently moved in the last month to help make room for the new grandbaby that is due any time now.  Actually his due date was April 13th, which has come and gone.  So my daughter is hoping that Zephrey arrives some time today, since it is her younger brother, Brandon’s 22nd birthday today.  That way, both boys would share the same birthday, 22 years apart.  We will see what happens.

Along with being busy with all of that activity lately, I also have been having internet issues with trying to upload files to the internet and them taking FOREVER because the internet only transfers at 2.3 kb/sec, at the most…  Which means one file could take an hour to transfer.  *SIGH*  And there seems to be no resolution to that issue in sight, either.  So, hopefully everything will run smoothly this time around, with no bumps in the road along the way.

Here is a preview of this month’s portion.  Image is linked to Mediafire download.  If there are any issues with the download, please email me to let me know at desertbloomdesigns[at]gmail[dot]com.  Thank you.

Spring Wedding Kit


16 thoughts on “April Paris to New York Blog Train

  1. Thank you for your part of this blog train. My brother is getting married at the end of the year, so I know this kit will get some use! 😉 {And it has a lovely color palette}

    • I am so glad that you like it, Stephanie. Your appreciation is what makes it all worth while. If you really like the small freebie I have available right now, Carolyn and I will have a full size mega collab kit using the same color palette available coming up in the next few weeks, so watch for that in the near future.

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