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Thank You

Hi everyone.  Just stopping in real quick to say thank you to every one for the wonderful comments and emails to say thank you for my creations.  It warms my heart to see how much my designs and creations are appreciated.  It makes me feel inspired, something I haven’t felt for a little while.

Unfortanately, just a couple of days before the blog train was scheduled to go live for the Paris to New York blog train…  my newest fur baby, Panda, became very sick.  We thought maybe it was just puppy flu or something like that, but early the next morning we realized that it was far worse than just the flu.  A trip to the vet early that afternoon confirmed that it was in fact Parvo virus, and that it was already too late.  The virus had progressed too far, she was too dehydrated from all of the vomiting and was losing too many precious fluids…  She slipped away from us by 9 pm that night.  She was just under 6 months of age, still just a puppy.  A huge puppy, for a German Shepard/Black Lab cross… but still just a puppy.  I was shattered and heartbroken, and am still dealing with her loss as best as I can.  I lost my designing mojo for a little while, after having to deal with her death, finding someplace to bury her, and the burial itself, it all took a lot out of me mentally and emotionally. 

My dearest and best friend in the entire world, Carolyn of Digi Cyber Scraps, decided to put together a pet based kit in Memorium of both of our recent losses, so that we could scrap photos of our four legged friends.  I decided to help her out with her endeavor, so I photographed some of Panda’s favorite chew toys and accessories, then extracted them out to use them as elements for the scrap kit.  In the process of doing so, I decided to offer them as Personal Use freebies for a limited time, before I add them to my Commercial Use store, soon to be at Digi Cyber Scraps Store.

Long explanation, but that is basically the reason why I haven’t been around lately, and haven’t added any of the Valentine’s Day gifts I had planned to finish packaging and upload to give away as freebies.  It is kind of hard to concentrate and focus when you are dealing with such a traumatic and tragic loss of a best friend and play mate like that.  She will be greatly missed, but I still have Prince to keep me occupied and console me.  Here is a picture of her on her first road trip with me.  Prince went along too, and I thought I had a photo with the two of them together, but I can’t seem to lay hands on it at the moment.

Panda's First Road Trip

Panda’s First Road Trip

She was 8 weeks old in these  photos.

Panda's First Pilot Trip

Panda’s First Pilot Trip

Panda's First Photo

Panda’s First Photo, First Day Home

It is hard to believe she started out so small when I first brought her home.  This is a more current picture of her, about a month ago.


Big Baby

Panda 5 months of age and 25 pounds

I found a couple of pictures of her and Prince together, in their brand new sweaters, when they were about the same size.  She was a little over twice his size towards the end.

Panda and Prince

Panda and Prince showing off their new sweaters

Panda and Prince

Prince and Panda with their new sweaters

Okay, that is enough going down memory lane for now.  I just wanted to update everybody with the reasons for my recent absence and let you know that I am still working on projects, and still have freebies for you…  They will be here eventually, as soon as I can pull my head out of the fog and get it screwed on straight again.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding under the circumstances.  I should be back tomorrow with a sweet treat.  Check back tomorrow afternoon for more details.  LOL 

Thanks for stopping in and checking on me.  Take care, have a great day and God Bless.


Paris to New York Blog Train


It is time for another blog train.  This is my first time with the Paris to New York blog train, and of course, I am fashionably late… 

I apologize for my tardiness, my laptop decided to take a dump on me late last night.  My fan hasn’t been working right lately to help cool the laptop off, so once it reaches 90 degrees F, it locks itself up and shuts itself down…  losing everything that you were working on, or in the process of doing when it shut itself down.   Grrrrr….   Technology is not always the best, or the most convenient at times like that. 

Here is the preview for my portion.  I have broken the kit into smaller download files for easier downloading.

Pretty As A Picture Kit Preview

Links have been disabled.  Kit will be added to MyMemories Store very soon. 

here is the blog train list for the rest of the participants:

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Also, be sure to check out the new Paris to New York Facebook page, show us some like, and get some extra Exclusive Goodies.  And while you are at it, you can stop by my Facebook Page as well.  I am going to be adding some new and exclusive freebies there very soon, also.  🙂

And check back here often because I have lots more goodies in store to make up for my recent absence, but I will tell you all about that later.  For now, on with the blog train.  Take care, have a great day, thanks for stopping by, and God Bless.  hugs